Vital Cloud Network

The network platform for digital transformation. Enabled by Nokia Nuage

Vital Cloud Network will take your business to the next level by taking advantage of SD-WAN 2.0 technology, providing you with network insights and the benefits of improved resilience, security, and optimisation. If you don’t know what your network is doing or how it is performing, then you need to call Vital today.

Vital Cloud Network is fully compatible with and supported over both private WANs and internet WAN solutions alike. Whether you’re looking for a new network or wishing to accelerate your current network, Vital has the solution for you.

To see more, check out the below video from our partner, Nokia Nuage, or give us a call today.

Security and Resiliency

End-to-end encryption across the entire network as well as automatic fail over between access technologies


Connect branch offices to a central corporate network, branch to branch or connect geographically diverse data centres quickly and easily


Prioritise applications through built-in Application Aware Routing to improve performance, bandwidth utilisation and end user experience

Cost Efficiency

Cost optimise bandwidth at each site with right-sized connectivity that replaces expensive private WAN connection technologies


Gain visibility and transparency into bandwidth consumption for all applications at all business locations and control application usage across your whole WAN

Ease of Use

Use the web portal to easily view and understand what your network is doing. Perform administration yourself or utilise Vital’s experienced team of network experts.

Why partner with Vital?


We have been providing network solutions for New Zealand businesses like yours for over
25 years. We are trusted with providing some of the most critical networks in New Zealand.

24/7 Support

Our locally based Network Operations Centre (NOC) provides support to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, when disaster strikes, we are just a phone call away.

Owner Operator

We own our network infrastructure including extensive fibre networks in Auckland and Wellington and one of the largest commercial microwave networks in the country. This means we can often provide solutions that other providers cannot.

Business Focus

We are a dedicated B2B service provider and do not get distracted by residential markets. This allows us to focus entirely on the needs of businesses like yours.