Peering Exchanges

What: Vital operates two highly distributed public peering exchanges in New Zealand, the Auckland Peering Exchange (APE) and the Wellington Internet Exchange (WIX). These exchanges facilitate the high-bandwidth sharing of routes and traffic between providers.
In addition, Vital operates the NZ Government’s GNet Exchange.

Where: The Auckland Peering Exchange and Wellington Internet Exchange can be connected to from within any building on Vital’s fibre network. If you’re outside of Vital’s network, then Vital can extend the peering fabric to your location.

Why: Organisations come together to share traffic at peering exchanges to bypass the inefficiencies of internet routing. By connecting directly with large content distributors and consumers you can reach your audience directly, offloading traffic from your internet uplinks and reducing the cost to serve.

How: you need to have your own assigned public IPv4 (/24 or larger) or IPv6 (/48 or larger) block. Existing channel partners can order a connection through the Partner Portal, new customers can contact Vital on 0800 101 900 or by clicking here.

Who: Our peering exchanges are widely used by research and education institutes, content consumers, content distributors, ISPs, and large organisations alike. Will you be next?

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Vital runs New Zealand’s longest operating public peering exchanges, as well as being trusted to run the New Zealand Government’s GNet Exchange.

Exchanges can be connected to from anywhere in New Zealand using either Vital’s or 3rd party fibre networks. Bandwidth options scale up to 100Gbps per port.

Peering provides a neutral point to share routes and traffic with other service providers and consumers, reducing load on your internet uplinks and helping reduce round trip time.

In addition to peering, Vital specialises in helping customers with all of their critical communications requirements.