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Vital is the provider of fundamental nationwide infrastructure and communication services that are Vital to New Zealand. We have been providing connected, seamless, integrated communications and coverage in New Zealand’s most remote locations for over 25 years. We own and operate fibre in Auckland and Wellington positioned to take advantage of growing data consumption, are the largest commercial provider of nationwide radio in New Zealand and provide linking radio services through microwave to some of the remotest parts of New Zealand.

We serve many customers across New Zealand including; Government, Civil Defence, Emergency Services, Health, Utilities, Public Transport, Education, Logistics & Freight, Agriculture and Channel partners.

We look forward to providing Vital services for another 25 years.

Vital is the new name of TeamTalk and CityLink.

Draft New Constitution

The former NZX Main board & Debt Market Listing Rules (dated 1 October 2017) have been replaced with updated NZX Listing Rules (dated 1 January 2019) (New Listing Rules). The Company transitioned to the new NZX Listing Rules on 1 July 2019. As part of its transition to the New Listing Rules, the Company is required to adopt a constitution which complies with the New Listing Rules at its 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Rather than amend its existing constitution, the Company has prepared a new constitution (New Constitution), which contains the changes required to comply with the New Listing Rules.

At the Company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders during October 2019, a special resolution will be considered that the existing Constitution of the Company be revoked and a new Constitution in the form tabled at the meeting, and referred to in the explanatory notes, be adopted by the Company.

The draft new Constitution and explanatory note is set out below:

Draft New Constitution >>

Explanatory Note on Draft New Constitution >>

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